First blog post

So here it is, my first blog post. On this site because actually upon searching for which site I’d like to put a blog on, I clicked on blogger and lo and behold I had a blog, and it was kind of embarrassing so of course I deleted it. it was from 2012. A lot has changed since 2012.

So I don’t know WTF this blog is going to be about, there’s no specific topic other than I have SO MUCH spare time right now I’m trying to fill it wisely. I’ve started reading, mostly listening to books; self help books or autobiographies, or books about food because I love food.

Why do I have so much spare time? I’ll tell ya. I’m a lazy bitch. I’m jk I’m not lazy, or at least try not to be. My name is Julie, I’m 28, I hate my life. I’m jk I don’t hate my life I’ve actually come very far from where I once started and I am so full of myself that I believe people are going to be interested in this stupid dumb shit nothing-to-talk about blog. AWESOME! Lets get this party started. Let me just start off by saying I am a shitty writer, I never did well in English or writing classes, or any classes for that matter but thats besides the point so GOOD LUCK Y’ALL

I’m currently sitting on my bed, HIGH AF, listening to Pandora radio and currently playing is Cheap Thrills – Sia ft. Sean Paul, ok now it’s Bills, bills, bills – Destiny’s Child — just typing away, got a Tinder message, I am so proud of Tinder for including people with no Facebook, I don’t do Facebook people, but I do have Instagram: msjuliecarlos Snapchat: mrjuliecarlos  NO I am not a man, the insecurity level with these Tinder guys is through the roof. Not all, but most. I mean probably girls too but whatever, girl power.

And I’m bored again so I’m just gonna leave it there and come back whenever I feel like it. I do have to note though that my picture along with this blog er I don’t actually know where it’s going cause idk how to use this thing very well but the picture of the kitty cat somewhere on here is my beloved missing kitty 😦 she’s been missing since 08/19/2017 and I really really miss her, and so does her big brother Romeo, she’s Juliet, and I’m just like sending all the best vibes out there to bring her back home, hopefully she’s just out there being a little hoe trying to get knocked up and come back home. I don’t want to believe this neighborhood would take something so precious from me. I did not find her just to lose her you know what I mean?? I dream that she comes home but I also sometimes dream about my dad who’s dead so……………… I’M JUST GONNA KEEP MY FAITH STRONG! 😀

I’ll talk more about my important self on the next one.

Thanks for tuning in guys, get a life.

-Julie Carlos


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