send nudes.

So here’s the scoop. I bought an Apple Watch the other day, and while I’m setting it up in store the guy, I believe his name was Gary, was showing me how to change the face of the watch on my iPhone. It’s an iPhone 7 Plus, the red one, you know for AIDS? ok so, as he’s swiping and showing me the different faces and backgrounds I’m paying attention and I’m like oh shit! Apple’s offering some sexy background, they ain’t discriminating here! and then I quickly realize oh shit no that’s my nudes, from iCloud. FUCK YOU ICLOUD but I laugh because he swipes quicker and it’s just funny. I take great nudes so its whatever. And so then I come home and I’m like ok lets go through these nudes, stupid iCloud and as I go through them I’m like wow, I was skinny. I need to get back to that weight. So I’ve been taking it more seriously and for motivation and inspiration I went ahead and printed and posted about 20 of my nudes, cause there are hundreds. I tell my friends hey just FYI if you plan on coming into my room there’s nudes, not to make you uncomfortable and things, they DGAF sooooo then his bf is like you should make a page, SO I DID! PLEASE ADD ME, PLEASE TWEET ME, PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT MY SPREAD EAGLE!!!!!!!! If you’re into seeing nude people, subscribe! So that’s the story of how I made my page. my nuuuuuuuudes I so really appreciate it!! I am not exposing myself for nothing! SEND NUDES! 🙂

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