The Nudie Experience, thus far.

So let me tell you about my nudie website experience so far. I haven’t heard any flack from ANYONE ok not even my mom, although she did say she’s gonna stop following me because she’d rather not know, and that I am smart so I know what I’m doing. Which is totes true, but she’s not against it! and ok let me take that back I haven’t heard any flack from ANYONE not even potential dates/bfs, they are all for it, (of course men would be right?) but at the same time, a lot of them could just call me a hoe and not want to get to know me but they aren’t they say smart move, and congratulate and we move on. Anyway, it’s been mostly great, and I’m looking for more subscribers so it can be even better, and I’ve recently opened up all my datings apps to women too because I don’t discriminate nawamsaying???? I have tinder, okcupid, POF aka Plenty of Fish, and I think thats it.. so I did have them in the beginning to find a male companion but after going on several dates it was like a black hole, but I never deleted it because I hear a lot of stories of people finding their spouse that way. Not the case for me but now I use it to promote my site, for the horny ones anyway, and let me put it out there now no I don’t have sex for money, everything I do stays on that site and I only post what I want, sometimes taking requests never without money — cause I’m about that life. Ok I’m rambling, I do that a lot, my bad, but yeah ok SO! Most of my friends and family have been super supportive and they have asked questions but just to make sure that I’m ok and not doing it out of desperation or an existential crisis lolol but I really appreciate that, because it shows they care. That doesn’t bother me at all. What bothers me is the two individuals that tried telling how to operate my site, why I should listen to them, and warning me. Let’s back track a little bit, I’m about to turn 29 in November, I’m not a little girl, if I need help I know where, who, and HOW to ask. I’m not afraid, and I’m not ashamed so please don’t be for me. I’m excited and ready to take over the world so support me, be on my team, my side whatever. I know whats possible, I know whats out there, again I’ve been in this life for 29 years now, I don’t know everything and I don’t think I ever will but just have my back you know? Telling me to do things/change things for YOUR sake, you got me fucked up. And if this site ever does take off, I’m widely aware I’ll have a small circle, but I’m ok with that because I already do have a very small circle because honestly I really don’t trust people, it’s a hard thing for me, but that’s another story. I don’t really have a point here but the ones telling me how to live are the ones judging me, I can feel it, and the way they talk about other women, why am I even surprised? but I’m guilty too I’ve talked a lot of shit about Kim K. and here I am posting and charging for my nudes. sigh. Karma people, Issa real.

So now my family, mixed feelings. As my sister-cousin would say, sister-cousin as in she’s my cousin but more like my sister, not weird incest shit, why did I take it there idk.. anyway she said and I quote “No one wants to see their sister naked online but I’m not gonna judge or love you less.” Thats all I need to hear, all I need to know. I understand my elders concerns which is mostly about how the family is going to treat or receive me and that they are going judge and not accept me and not open doors for me, etc. etc. but if and when they do thats fine. I don’t need people like that, family or not, in my life. No one does. Hiding it was not an option because in this day in age we’re all so connected thanks to you, dear internet. So even if I attempted to keep it hush hush, it’d be out at some point. I’m not trying to be a porn star, not that theres anything wrong with that either, but I have my limits and I’m much too shy and just no thank you. I need some sort of private moments in my life. I’m perfectly aware of the controversy this would and is causing but listen, you will always have struggles and battles in life, big or small, and this right here is the one I’ve chosen, so bring it on.

With all that being said, I’m not mad at those concerned, I get it, and I appreciate it- as long as its coming from a place of love. If it comes from a place of hate and misery and bitterness, there’s a place for you, and it ain’t here. Find yourself.

Now to set the record straight, I’m more than ok, I am GREAT! I love life, I love me, I love my cat, I love you all whether you accept me or not and I’m going out with a bang because YOLO, how are you living? Evaluate your own life before you come for mine. For the first time in a REALLY long time I feel completely in control of my life and thats all I need to make me happy. So THANK YOU AND HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!!!  *peace sign, girl power, spread the love*

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