I said don’t come for me.

So as you know, I’m over here working up the courage and the confidence to say fuck it and annoy the hell out of people with my selfies, and the nudes, and the exposure and I’m like YEAH I’VE GOT THIS. I spill my feelings yesterday on this blog, and then I even share my blog with the world cause I hadn’t before, except to the people on WordPress.com and I’m like omg YES even more positive feedback this is AWESOME!! I’m on natural high, just fucken killing it! I’M PUMPED MAN! Fist pumping by myself, just twerking the fuck out with joy and excitement and I wake up this morning and my MOTHAFUCKEN promo IG is deactivated! What ignorant, low down, slanderizing, SON OF A BITCH SAID THAT!— that’s a line for O Brother, where art thou?, educate yourself,— I’m like oh hellllllll NAW! YOU DONE GOT ME FUCKED UP GF! I DON’T KNOW WHO THE FUCK YOU ARE BUT I CAME TO SLAYYYYY OKAAYYYYYYY! WHAT HAVE I EVER DONE TO YOU EXCEPT LOOK AMAZING?! YOU BASTARD! You scandalous hoe! You simpleton basic bitch!! I hope you’re reading this right now feeling attacked cause that’s how I felt!! YOU SQUARE!

Ok I feel better now. So the page is going to stay down because that was a lot of work. I’ll just use my personal one. I just created a Tumblr and I’ll practice using twitter. And as for you my very first personal hater, it’s totally cool man. Totes cool. idk who you are but I see you. I only had like 8 followers so we can’t be that distant for you to report me but you couldn’t just stay the fuck off my page? you had to go and deactivate a bitch? ok thank you, thank you for letting me know I’m doing something right. Don’t forget about karma though, she’s my friend and imma bring her up every time to you, the devil, try bringing me down. There are so many other grams WAY more popular and revealing than mine BUT IT’S FUCKEN FINE!!!! Everything happens for a reason you know? hakuna matata. Haters gonna hate, and potatoes goin’ potate. and this picture with this post, is for you, I LOVE YOU MY FIRST AND PERSONAL HATER ❤

UPDATE: Only my tinder was deactivated and I am banned because apparently I’ve violated safety terms, sigh. The IG page is back though.

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