Dear Loser,

So. This guy who I’ve repeatedly asked to leave me alone, won’t. Stop searching for me, we have no mutual friends for me to be popping up on any of your shit and when I click on his name to block him, either I’m blocked or his username is deleted. Stop being a creep LEAVE ME ALONE I don’t even wish you well or the best for you dude, like theres no let bygones be bygones here, I really hope and know that one day you’ll get exactly what you deserve, as we all do. I don’t even care if you’re rooting for me or trying to give me positive vibes, you could leave them at the your door they are not needed here, I’d much prefer you just leave me alone– let that be your positive vibes. So now, in a public statement, please me leave me alone, I shall not name names although I REALLY SHOULD and if you don’t stop I really will. When anyone asks me what my biggest regret in life is, the answer is you. Congratulations on winning that title. It takes a lot to get there. And please rest assured that the memories I have of you and I are nothing but terrible. I was lost, I was sad, I was desperate. All in all, I would like to thank you for showing me that I came out winning and by seeking me after I’ve called the police on you for trespassing and yet you still don’t understand to leave me alone, you have confirmed once and for all that I am not the sad, lost, desperate one. So thank you for that. And if I really cared about you, I’d take those things into consideration when I see your name pop up in my notifications and I’d feel sorry for you, and maybe even follow up with you, but I don’t. I don’t care, I’m laughing at you and you know what, I lied, I hope you DO get well soon for the sake of humanity because we don’t need anymore yous in the world. Amen.

-Get well soon bitch. ❤

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